Oddie Quarter Turn Fastener Lock

Oddie Locks

A seven pin radial tumbler lock with an Oddie Fastener 1000 Series Stud end enabling the lock to be slammed shut without the need to use a key - click here for further details on the oddie 1000 series.

The key only withdraws in the locked position.

Can be used with any 1000 series receptacle clips - click here to see receptacle clips.

For clip-in-clip fixing size - click here

The Grip Length of the lock is a standard size of 28mm (this is the distance between under the head of the lock to underside of the material that the clip is fixed to)

Part Number : 393710 - Locks Keyed Alike

Oddie Lock
393 Series Oddie Locks

Security Collars

Security Collars

The 394 Security Collars fit all 19mm standard housings with two flats and feature:

394 Series Security Collars
394 Series Security Collars
Part No: Descriptions Out Dia. In. Dia. Projection H.Overall H
394-21 Spur Washer 28.575 19.05 2flat 1.19 1.19
394-22 Flat Washer 26.9875 19.05 2flat 1.19 1.19
394-24 Tension Washer 22.225 19.05 .39 3.175
394-25 Security Washer 30.1625 19.05 1.5875 6.35
394-28 Security Washer 34.925 19.05 1.5875 7.9375
394-29 Security Washer 34.925 19.05 4.7625 11.1125


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About Oddie Quarter Turn Fasteners

"Oddie®" is the registered trade mark of Oddie Quarter Turn Fasteners and they are supplied and marketed in the UK by Mulraney Components Limited.

"An open & shut case for a specialised fastener"

The oddie fastener is a quick release, quarter turn, 1/4 turn,  fastening for securing panels or components that have to be speedily and easily removed for servicing or replacement - whether once a day, or once a year.

In its simplest form it consist of a stud, held in a removable panel by a retainer, and a spring steel clip permanently mounted to the framework of the equipment.

A quarter turn of the stud opens the fastener, and to lock it again the stud is pushed home into the clip.

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