Receptacle Clips

In each series a number of alternative receptacle clips are offered.

The clips are manufactured from spring steel, heat treated for maximum performance, and then protected against corrosion by Xylan XL coating. Xylan XL is a form of self lubrication plastic coating giving excellent abrasion resistance and corrosion protection of up to 250 hours neutral salt spray resistance. Xylan XL has been specifically chosen for coating Oddie clips, not only because of its abrasion and corrosion resistance, but also as it is applied by a non-electrolytic process, it eliminates any possibility of hydrogen embrittlement and subsequent failure of spring steel.

Rivet On Clip
Clip In Clip
Rivet On:
for solid or semi tubular rivets or bolts.
Clip In:
snaps in from the front of a pre-punched rectangular hole - gives considerable "installed cost saving".
Angle Bracket
Weld Plate
Tolerance Clip
Angle Bracket:
for side mounting
Weld Plate:
for spot welding
Tolerance Clip:
1000 & 600 series only - provides lateral tolerance.

Spring Retainers

The usual method of retaining the stud in the removable panel is by use of a neoprene washer. Not only does this retain the stud, but it also compresses when the fastener is locked giving the spring element of the assembly. This prevents panel chatter, and provides a means of taking up any end play in the assembly.

A variety of lengths of washer are offered in each fastener series, The neoprene material is manufactured to BS2752, and has a working temperature range of -20°C to +100°C. Neoprene has excellent resistance to age hardening, ultra violet light and most industrial greases and oil.

The use of the neoprene washer gives the further practical advantage of ensuring that the stud is held out at 90° to the removable panel, making stud engagement into the clip easier when the panel is offered up to the framework. A particular advantage when several studs are used on the same panel.

As an alternative to the neoprene washer, the new Oddie range offers a stainless steel bowed washer which is used under the head of the stud to provide the spring element in the assembly. A DIN standard circlip is used to retain the stud in the removable panel. The use of this method of springing and retention is ideal where the removable panel has to sit flush with the framework, or where the environment precludes the use of a neoprene washer.

Neoprene Washer
Bowed Washer
Cup Washer
Neoprene Washer Bowed Washer Cup Washer


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About Oddie Quarter Turn Fasteners

"Oddie®" is the registered trade mark of Oddie Quarter Turn Fasteners and they are supplied and marketed in the UK by Mulraney Components Limited.

"An open & shut case for a specialised fastener"

The oddie fastener is a quick release, quarter turn, 1/4 turn,  fastening for securing panels or components that have to be speedily and easily removed for servicing or replacement - whether once a day, or once a year.

In its simplest form it consist of a stud, held in a removable panel by a retainer, and a spring steel clip permanently mounted to the framework of the equipment.

A quarter turn of the stud opens the fastener, and to lock it again the stud is pushed home into the clip.

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