Clip In Clips

Clip In Clips

Clip-in-clips offer significant "installed cost" savings as they snap into a pre-punched hole. For each series of fastener three clip-in-clips are offered that cover most common sheet thicknesses.

When a clip-in-clip is installed a gap (dim. Q) is always formed between the two panels, caused by the legs of the clip sitting on the top face of the fixed panel. This gap needs to be calculated to determine whether it has to be included in the calculation of the grip stud length (dim. H as shown in component selection) This is done by subtracting the thickness of the panel into which the clip fits (dim. Z) from the constant (dim. R) given in the following table for each clip-in-clip.

If the panels are required to fit as flush with each other as possible the gap must be included in dimension H. If there is already a gap between the two panels (dim Y), for example caused by a return edge, then only the greater gap dimension need be included in the calculation of dimension H.

Clip In Clips
Type Panel Thickness Range (dim. Z) Part No. Dimension R (Constant)
400 Series 0.5 - 0.99 430101 1.5
1.0 - 1.69 430102 2.0
1.7 - 2.4 430103 2.8
600 Series 0.6 - 1.29 430105 1.9
1.3 - 2.19 430106 2.6
2.2 - 3.7 430107 4.2
1000 Series 1.2 - 1.69 430109 2.6
1.7 - 2.89 430110 3.5
2.9 - 3.7 430111 4.6

Clip In Installation

Clip-in-clips snap in from the front of the panel into pre-punched rectangular holes. The hole sizes for each series of clip is given below and the hole is the same for all panel thickness within a series.

Clip Installation
Clip Installation
Clip Installation
Fit clip in panel with one edge under panel Insert tool in clip and lever over Clip is locked in panel by retaining lances

Clip-in-clip Panel Preparation

Clip In Clip Panel Preparation

Dim J is parallel to the axis of the jaws of the clip.

Type J K Tool Part No
400 Series 8.7 ± .01 9 ± .01 470011
600 Series 13 ± .01 12 ± .01 470012
1000 Series 20 ± .01 16.5 ± .01 470013


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About Oddie Quarter Turn Fasteners

"Oddie®" is the registered trade mark of Oddie Quarter Turn Fasteners and they are supplied and marketed in the UK by Mulraney Components Limited.

"An open & shut case for a specialised fastener"

The oddie fastener is a quick release, quarter turn, 1/4 turn,  fastening for securing panels or components that have to be speedily and easily removed for servicing or replacement - whether once a day, or once a year.

In its simplest form it consist of a stud, held in a removable panel by a retainer, and a spring steel clip permanently mounted to the framework of the equipment.

A quarter turn of the stud opens the fastener, and to lock it again the stud is pushed home into the clip.

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