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Clip In Clip - 1000 Series (100 units)

Clip In Clip - 1000 Series (100 units)

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Clip-in-clips offer significant "installed cost" savings as they snap into a pre-punched hole. For each series of fastener three clip-in-clips are offered that cover most common sheet thicknesses.

Technical Information

When a clip-in-clip is installed a gap (dim. Q) is always formed between the two panels, caused by the legs of the clip sitting on the top face of the fixed panel. This gap needs to be calculated to determine whether it has to be included in the calculation of the grip stud length (dim. H). This is done by subtracting the thickness of the panel into which the clip fits (dim. Z) from the constant (dim. R) given in the following table for each clip-in-clip.

If the panels are required to fit as flush with each other as possible the gap must be included in dimension H. If there is already a gap between the two panels (dim Y), for example, caused by a return edge, then only the greater gap dimension need be included in the calculation of dimension H.



This product is sold in a batch of 100 units. For prices on orders over 250 units, please contact us at [email protected].